Inspiring Stories About Endurance

Endurance is related to the ability of one to go through wear and tear and still complete the task at hand. It may be strength endurance in a natural or spiritual sense, endurance to overcome challenges, or endurance to push through and come out victorious. If we can fight through our issues no matter how hopeless they may look, we can change the world in ways we could never imagine. Below you will find some great inspirational and inspiring stories about endurance. In fact, these are some of my favorite posts of all time. Read all of them!

The Reconstruction Of Life

Suddenly without warning a massive, earth shaking, and life-threatening bomb has just exploded in your life leaving behind catastrophic damage. An area that was once full of peace and tranquility is now consumed by chaos, fear and confusion. Everything around you is destroyed. Nothing looks the same. Nothing is the same.

Every pertinent relationship you had has shattered to pieces like the fragments of broken glass that surrounds you. The ground is saturated with the “remains” of your hopes and dreams. Fire consumes the pillars that were once in your life..

How Deep Are Your Roots

Just the other day, during one of the turbulent storms that hit our community, I gazed out the window and witnessed a tree being

Take The Stairs

I’m standing here watching the numbers at the top of countless doors flicker to every floor except the one I’m on. I’ve jammed the button about a..

Tired All The Time

My mind is so completely full of plans, visions, hopes and dreams that the very thought of all I have to do makes smoke come out of my ears. The..

Don’t Die There

I am grossly dehydrated. Saying my mouth could be compared to the Sahara desert would be an understatement. My tongue feels like sandpaper and

Get These Chains Off of Me

Slowly from behind the darkness of my closed eyelids did I awaken to an unfamiliar sight. I gradually lift my arms from my lower

I Can’t Stop Now

Stop right there. Do you know where you are?I am not talking about your physical location or your geological position on a map. I..

The Elusive Letter S

My son has been working on his manuscript. He has spent countless hours writing over and over again various letters of the alphabet. Letters are the..

Are You Willing To Die For It?

I was sitting around, doing the usual waste of time things I like to do everyday, when I had a thought overwhelm my thinking

That Crap Hurts

Recently, I have been working out. I got tired of going out and playing basketball and being out of breath before the game started. I needed to get..

She Whooped My….

One early afternoon, during my high school days, I was sitting in my desk in study hall. The desks in the room were split in half with six rows..