Inspiring Stories About Health

Personal health is very important to me. I think a few of my severe health complications in the past has helped changed my perspective. People are dealing with diseases like cancer, HIV, sickle cell, Hepatitis and many other life threatening aliments. These inspirational and inspiring stories about health are here to encourage those who are dealing with real issues. There is always hope. I refuse to let anyone stop fighting.

Skinny and Unhealthy

I just wanted $200.
I didn’t come in here for your results, or your concerns, or your warnings. I came to this health screening as an obligation to get a free payday from my employer.
There is no way in the world I can be..

Are You A Doctor?

In the middle of the night, visiting my mother in Detroit, I was sound asleep and was awakened by a pain so indescribably overwhelming..

Did I Pass?

Just the other day at work I had the opportunity to take part in a health screening. They were doing some simple tests on bmi, blood pressure, and..


My head is killing me. I have spent a lot of time rubbing the temples on the side of my head just to ease the pain. I am exhausted. I can barely..

Take My Breath Away

I’m sitting here writing while I should be resting. Why? I am congested and I know that all of my senses are slightly distorted. My hearing is..