Inspiring Stories About Life

Life has it seasons of up and downs. I’m sure we all can tell stories about some of the things we have been through. They can be from parenting, developing talents, celebrating victories, education, building character and more. On this page, I have combined my favorite inspirational and inspiring stories about life and all of its glory. Read them all. I know you’ll love them.

Playing The Drum Beats of Life

Ian, my six year old son, is learning to play the drums. It is an instrument that has always mesmerized him and captured his attention anytime he hears them played. When I first noticed his interest I assumed, like most boys, he liked them because they make a lot of noise. It wasn’t until I noticed him mimicking the actions of another drummer did I truly understand his passion. Not only did he love the sound but he loved the fluid actions that goes along with playing a percussion instrument.

Before I paid for his first lessons, drums was all he would eat, sleep, and drink. If it had anything to do with drums he wanted it. At the age of 3 he played his mini drum set during show and tell at pre-school stealing the show. Using that same drum set he perfected the timing and cadence of a popular church hymn good enough for his mom to sing along to. My son had found his passion at a young age and had a natural talent to catch on quickly. It was a gift. Wanting to act quickly to hone his talents, the younger you are when you act on your gift the longer it stays with you, I immediately signed him up for drum lessons to teach him to read sheet

The People Who Inspire Me!

I started writing about things that moved me in my life. I started being open about the challenges I faced and how I overcame

When Can A Man Cry?

As a guy I’ve always thought of crying as an overrated function that my body had the ability to perform. To make matters worse, I live in a society..

The Rollercoaster Of Life

I love Cedar Point. The taller and faster the ride the greater the adrenaline rush. I can close my eyes and imagine the wind blowing up against my skin..

The Limitations of Knowledge

For lack of a better term, knowledge is a tool. A powerful tool, but a tool none the less. Knowledge cannot..

Chaos Organized

I am drowning. I am completely submerged in the endless sea of papers that represents my personal and professional responsibilities. To make..


The sun pierces through the darkest night bringing forth an illuminating ray of light that emits a reddish orange hue of sheer beauty and astonishment.

Recognizing Potential in Unexpected Places

TRUE LEADERSHIP is not just the ability to recognize the talent and skill of the polished individuals around you.

The Power of Service

I got to the meeting place a few minutes early and began to recap all of the things I still needed to complete that day. Prepped for business..

Never Be The Same Again

This is the moment. Hopefully, this note is the catalyst. This finally is the time that you MUST stop living your cyclical life and

Start, Stop, Continue

I started this year like I start a lot of years: excited, hopeful, slightly nervous, and inquisitive. I didn’t create a long list of things that I wanted to

Your Happiness Is A Priceless Gift

In my humble opinion, gifts are one of the most excellent parts of life. And I don’t think I’m alone. If I was..

Follow The Signs

Growing up I never had the luxury of going outside and stealing an authentic traffic sign to put up in my bedroom. I was even more afraid of attempting..

I’m Depressed

I was watching comedy central the other night when a commercial caught my attention. This lovely classical music started playing and a nice..


There is nothing worse than having a long and stressful day at work just to end up stuck in traffic on the way home. This would not be just some slow..

You Can’t Start At The End

Recently I have been bombarded with idea after idea of things I would like to pursue. Every day, every moment, every hour,

The Birth Of Spiritual Inspiration

Anyway, I popped out here today to share some huge developments with you guys. Jermaine, my brother in law..