Inspiring Stories About Movies

Movies are packed with inspirational stories that can help us through the difficult circumstances of life. It may be a musical that helps us dance our way through the storms. It could be a deep drama that makes us reflect on the things that really matter. Maybe it is a romantic comedy, that your wife makes you watch, that makes you laugh so hard and appreciate your relationship. Movies can be life changing and they have been the driving force for the inspirational and inspiring stories below. Enjoy!

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The Power of A Good Musical

I normally try not to admit this publicly but I enjoy a good musical. What is a good musical? A good musical is a story that is expressed through song that is so exciting and compelling that you end up singing and humming the tunes well after the show is over. It is something so powerful that you feel like, stepping to the bad side (Dreamgirls), or wishing that rain drops would fall (The Five Heartbeats) no matter where you are.
I guess it is something about the thought of singing and dancing through life’s challenges that gets me going.

What Are You So Afraid Of?

I love Monsters, Inc. There is just something about the thought of big, hairy, scary monsters being afraid of a

What Makes A Hero A Hero?

I recently watched the famed 1997 Disney release, Hercules. This movie, like all Disney movies, is glossy, flashy,

Keep Moving Forward

I had the opportunity to watch, Meet the Robinsons with my son the other night. The overall theme of this futuristic, colorful, animation..

From The Streets to the Palace

I don’t know if it is just me but I swear Disney has some awesome music producers. I was watching Aladdin with..