Inspiring Stories About Parenting

One of the most challenging yet fulfilling responsibilities many people will experience in their lives is parenting. Through our rearing and decision making, we have the ability to shape the future of many generations. Parenting is not always easy. There are times when children don’t listen, make the wrong decisions, and disappoint us by their actions. There are also times when they make us proud, challenge our way of thinking, and teach us more than we have taught them. Parenting is a fun journey and you don’t have to travel alone. On this page you will find inspirational and inspiring stories about parenting, the good and the bad. Enjoy!

Did You Just Kick Me?

Ian is taking karate lessons. I have nicknamed him the Chocolate Ninja. Every day after his classes we review what they went over to make sure the information has sunk in. Another reason we do this is because it costs way too much for him not to pay attention and I want to make sure he gets it. If he doesn’t become a black belt I will. Well this time after class Ian was feeling good about the new move he had just learned.

With just a short amount of practice he had the move perfected. It was time to see if he could pull it off with someone standing in his general vicinity. I bowed in front of him, made a silly noise, and put up my fist like I was ready to fight. Ian stepped back into his ready stance and the battle began.

After I got up off of the floor, Ian was watching The Wonder Pets and eating dinner. I didn’t even remember cooking.

What Is It Like To Have A Baby?

August 21, 2011 it happened. My second daughter, Kristina, was born at 1:24 P.M. Watching the nurse and the doctor

Bad Parents: Stop Ruining Lives

I am a father.The challenges of raising a kid, the right way, can be overwhelming. I compare it to a juggling act.

Capture the Frozen Moment

There are only a few things that I like to do other than writing. Let me rephrase that. There are tons of things I like to do other than

Change Can Be Beautiful

Why does it take heartache, pain, suffering, sickness and a long list of other negative connotations for “us” to admit that change is necessary?

The Power of Yes

Did you know that the average child has heard the word “no” over 20,000 times before they ever turn the age of three? Ironically it is also around this..

Is Your Child Learning Your Habits

Parenting 101: NEVER think that you are going to convince your child to do something that they regularly see you NOT do.


I can’t sleep. At about 2:00 a.m. I heard someone creeping quietly, breathing deeply, and stalking through my house. It seems as if the person is..


“What is taking her so long, daddy? Why is she moving so slow? Is she done yet? Why do we have to wait behind her?” This was my afternoon..


A few months ago there was a fire safety day at Ian’s school. When I walked in the door, as I got home from work that day, Ian was..

Running For My Life

When I was growing up I can vividly remember watching with my dad the animal documentaries on PBS. There was something about the..

Chasing After You

My heart is racing. I can’t catch my breath. I promise you if it wasn’t for my rib cage I think my heart would be beating outside of my chest.

Hostile Takeover

Being battered by ferocious waves and turbulent seas, the sailors are slowly starting to give up hope as the sun disappears and the moonlight fails..