Inspiring Stories About Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is vital in improving the quality of ones life. To grow spiritually, one must devote the appropriate amount of time praying, fasting, and studying the Word of God. Even through the experiences of life, we have an opportunity to learn from and apply spiritual truths to our everyday situations. Included on this page are some of my favorite inspirational and inspiring stories about spiritual growth. These spiritual stories will encourage, enlighten, and mature your relationship with God.

It’s The Lack of Faith That Makes People Afraid of Meeting Challenges

… and I Believed in Myself.”
Yes, you read correct. I believe in myself.

Not because of some of the reason that you’ll probably hear from many other human beings. I do not believe in my talent, knowledge, strength, or wisdom that I’ve acquired through random life experiences to carry me through challenges. I’m not banking on my good looks (beauty is vain), my emotions (the heart is deceitful), or my intellect (lean not to your own understanding). As evident in the last line, all of these means are flawed in the natural sense. Using them alone will only lead me to disappointment, heartache, and frustration. Which, in turn, will lead to fear of challenges and -ultimately- a lack of desire to achieve. Many people who have lived in this state for a period of time are overwhelmed with apathy and complacency… the desired which once burned bright now holds the strength of a

Facts vs Function

The facts say that life is rough.You won’t make your dreamed goals because the whole world is working against you. Chaos is the order of..

Out With the Old

One of the hardest things to do as a person is to know when to close a chapter and start a new one. Yet, all of the universe, lends itself over…

Was It Good Enough

Did I accomplish the goals that I set to accomplish? Did I do my best when entrusted to do something? Did I give to those who needed me to provide?

A Fresh Start

Every year people all around the world make New Year’s resolutions. Their goal and intention is to make the current year that they are entering…

I Deserve A Second Chance

I messed up. I did something so disrespectful, and arrogant that for days I didn’t have the nerve to look at my face in

I Believe I’ll Testify

Let’s be honest, in most cases CHANGE is not easy. Having a lasting impact on another person’s life is a pretty lofty goal. Don’t get me wrong…

I’m Not Ready To Bury My Husband

Imagine with me on a normal chilly February day taking your spouse in for a routine outpatient knee procedure that..

Peace, Be Still

I wrote a song not too long ago and the chorus simple states the previously written line. I have grown accustomed to living in a city, state, and country..

The Second Mile

I once had a position with a company that drove me crazy. It seemed everybody there found a way to get out of working on a regular bases.

Tune It Out

One of the hardest things to do in life is to find your own voice. We have been surrounded by examples our whole life. While riding in the…

Is That Really Necessary?

Just the other day I had the “wonderful” opportunity to go to the dentist. It had only been six months since my last appointment.

Hidden In A Book

Depending on who you are, and what station of life you’re in, there are a lot of things you can do with a book. Think about some of the memorable