Stories About Work

Work is how we provide for ourselves and our families. We spend more time at work than any other activity in our lives. For that reason, we should do as much as possible to enhance our careers, improve our skill sets, and maximize our profitability. Let’s be honest, work can be tough. We have to deal with bad bosses, hostile work environments, unfair distribution of leads, poor training, awful pay, unrealistic expectations, and layoffs. In today’s economic climate many people are dealing with unemployment and starting new careers in unknown fields. Don’t let the struggles of work steal your joy. On this page you will find my favorite inspirational and inspiring stories about work to help you survive and change your situations.

Improving Productivity With Purpose

That seems like a pretty simple question doesn’t it?

Yet, that one word question packs so much power and is often extremely difficult to answer if it is asked in the right context. How do I know this? I experienced it. You see recently a person that I really respect asked me that very question in the right context in relation to my career. When they asked me, I, without taking a moment to think, answered it confidently.
Here is my response:
“I do this job to provide for my family, it pays a good salary and gives me financial stability.”
He stared me in the face, shook his head while giving me a severe stare of disgust, and walked away. That tore me up. For weeks I couldn’t hardly sleep as I was tormented by trying to figure out what made him react the way he did. I thought I gave him a great answer. This was an answer I had heard from my peers my entire life. Finally after being frustrated, to a point beyond I care to share, I picked up the phone and called him to give him a piece of my mind.

Read This Twice and Call Me In The Morning
Most large companies start out as small companies — even Walmart started as a thought in the mind of Sam Walton.

Who Moved My American Dream
I am a native Detroiter. As a child growing up I loved Detroit with every fiber of my being. Detroit made me strong.

The Greatest Journey
I had lunch last week with a high-ranking business woman for a fortune 500 company. Considering I’ve been on this quest to outline the tenets of..

I Hear You’re Planning A Divorce
She’s bossy. Not impressed with your old stories of grandeur. No. She doesn’t want to listen to your venting,..

Changing Jobs
In one of the most challenging economic environments in our history, thousands of skilled workers have found themselves unemployed.

Be Part of The Solution
What’s the opposite of a problem solver? There are those of us who spend our time moaning about what’s wrong when we recognize a problem.

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You
On an average day I come in contact with at least four or five people that I didn’t know before. Many of these..

Just When You Thought It Was Safe
I’ve been looking for a short cut to success for about ten years solid. I haven’t really tried any but I’ve heard that..

Tis Better To Have Loved and Lost
Have you ever had a job you loved. I mean you got up in the morning singing your way to your job, laughing..

Bring Your Heart
I’m going to say something today that betrays most of the things you may have ever heard about working a job. I know people who tell me all the time.

Is The Job Finished
I know there are countless people roaming through life with a job (notice I didn’t say career). As you’re reading this right now you might have..

Make Yourself Indispensable
I am telling you, no matter how high up you get in social status, there is always someone whose attention you try your