Stream of Consciousness

by Jermaine

To Be or Not To Be? That is the Question!

As I drove to work today I thought, if there was one thing I could share with the world what would it be? Naturally, the first thought was about Christ.


Well, I spent my evening yesterday telling a collection of youth what it means to be chosen by God. This unique honor is not something to be taken lightly. Instead it is an honor that each of us must recognize, acknowledge, and then respect. Without getting too deep I know this alone could be a novel. So I paused (more of that in the future to come) and challenged myself to think more critically.

As I began to dig a little deeper, I found my few words. Life is short. However, it is not dull or empty or repetitive unless you allow it to become that.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE… that is the question?

What is your normal stream of consciousness? Is it laced with forgettable moments with regrettable habits? Is a normal day in your life 10 hours of things you hate doing, 2 hours of television, 4 hours you carelessly wasted, and just under 8 hours of sleep?

If you answered yes to this question then I’m forced to remind you living is not the same as breathing. Though breathing is a sign that you have been granted the distinct opportunity to live. You see the quote is more than a question of either life vs. death. I interpret it as a question of living vs. existing.

I believe if we really boiled down all the mystical parts of the life and got to the heart of what it means to be human we would find out that “being” is the pursuit of your positive passion. It is a study in purpose that will help us find the most fulfillment, enjoyment, and ultimately, happiness.

Of course there will be unexpected twist, turns, ups, and downs. Yet, these are the surprises that make the best songs, the heaviest tears, the greatest comeback stories.

So, today in this little post, I challenge anyone who happens to read this “to be.” Whatever you do today do it with confidence, boldness, and enthusiasm. Live this day as if tomorrow is not promised (because it’s not). I’m sure afterwards you’ll sleep a little better, dream a little purer, and wake up a little more refreshed tomorrow.

So again I ask the famous question:


Let today’s activity be your answer.