by Frank

SunriseThe sun pierces through the darkest night bringing forth an illuminating ray of light that emits a reddish orange hue of sheer beauty and astonishment. With its indescribable power the sun starts off the day with a bang. It literally demands attention from the people who are awake to experience its glory.

Can you imagine overlooking a horizon that is consumed by darkness to slowly watch the sun rising over the outlook? It is breathtaking. I have been told that watching the sunrise is one of the greatest pleasures on Earth. This new moment, this new beginning, this brand new day that has never existed in the past, starts with something beautiful.

As the day progresses the same sun with it’s beauty can burn us in the summer, abandon us early in the winter subjecting us to early evenings, and extend grace to our eyes in spring with the beauty it creates in the form of flowers that spring up from the ground. Every season it has a different purpose. Every season, though it is still the same sun just in a different location as we orbit it, affects our lives differently.

In your life, just like the planet, you will go through seasons. Some of your seasons will be beautiful and breathtaking while others may be cold and lonely. What is important for you to understand is that no matter what season you are in the day starts exactly the same, with a sunrise.

As we head into a new opportunity at life keep in mind that everyday will not be perfect but everyday starts perfect. You have the power to direct your path on the day you enter in to. Open your eyes and watch the sunrise and celebrate a new beginning because you will change the world.

Life as we know it is a gift that should be nourished and cherished by the people who have the opportunity to experience it.

I dare you to view it with a whole new mindset and take in as much of the sun as you can get.