Taboo Thanksgiving Questions

by Jermaine

As soon as I heard this week’s topic I began to shutter. Something about the holiday season makes me think of spending lots of time with distant relatives. The aunties, uncles, third cousins… everybody just seems to be at those special Thanksgiving meals.

Once the joy of the meal starts to settle in the conversation makes its way through the dressing, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Next thing you know “somebody” starts in with the questions. You know the questions:

“Are you still single?”
“When are you going to get married?”
“What happened to the nice girl you were dating?”
“Did you ever finish school?”
“Where are you working now?”
“When are you going to have that next baby?”

The list could keep going but I think you get my drift. To the untrained eye  you might think these are simple enough questions. The problem is that they are asked with a 25 person audience present who are all eager to get the gory details. If you are brave enough to answer that is just the beginning of an inspired back and forth debate. Everybody, including grandma, has an opinion to submit.

And someone said that holidays are all about the free meals. I hate to tell you but if you are getting interrogated then the meal is no longer free. That’s just pay for your suffering.

So, how do you deal?

  1. Rehearse your answers.
  2. Have a sense of humor.
  3. Be willing to throw somebody else under the bus.
  4. Be thankful that Thanksgiving only comes once a year.

If none of these solutions work try prayer for discernment.

Remember you’re surrounded by people who LOVE you and only want to help you get the best out of life. As for the questions and follow-up advice, eat the meat and spit out the bones.