Take My Breath Away

by Jermaine

I’m sitting here writing while I should be resting. Why? I am congested and I know that all of my senses are slightly distorted.

My hearing is groggy.
My vision is blurred.
My throat and tongue are so out of sync that eating freshly baked white macadamia nut cookies feels like grit and little rocks scratching against my achy tonsils… no flavor, no enjoyment, just pain.

Every breath is like a fight to get-air-in as my nose is not cooperation with the rest of my cardiovascular system. I’m drained! I find myself drowning my cold in water and soothing my throat with vitamin C.

photo by photoexpress

The walk from my bed downstairs to the refrigerator seems like a marathon. The only thing worst is the climb back up the stairs afterwards. My head feels as if it is blown up like a balloon. In all honesty, it is really a pathetic state for an adult man to find himself in 

There is just something about sickness that can take our breath away.
In the spiritual realm the same is the case. Yes, as in this world our bodies are subject to many sicknesses, so our souls also, when we are infected with foreign impurities (a.k.a. sin). That same groggy hearing, blurred vision, and lack of enjoyment can surface.

At its worst it may feel like you cannot even breathe.
What can take the air out of our relationship with God? What can allow spiritual sickness to fester?

Two things: Lack of faith and lack of God’s word. Faith is like that vitamin C. It is an immunity system boaster that makes sickness less likely and can even help fight off sickness if taken soon enough. While the word of God is like water.

Most people do not realize that during a cold the number one fighter against the symptoms is water. Why? It flushes out your whole body so you can start all over again.

So when you’re feeling spiritually sick it is time to get in the word and build up your faith so that you’re equipped to come out and go forward.