Take the CHANCE out of Change

by Jermaine

It seems like everyone everywhere every year says, “This year is going to be different!

I have to admit I’ve been subject to the same line of thinking. Honestly, it usually works for a couple of months. Yet, somewhere between February and April I stop fighting for transition and start to slip back into old bad habits.

Of course, like every year, I’ve already concluded that this year is going to be different. At some level, yes, this year will be different. It has to be because it hasn’t happened yet. However, I want to take as much of the “chance out of the change” in this year. I will be strategic in my behavior in hopes of facilitating a greater, more sustainable ‘new’ in my New Year.


  • Reflecting in great detail on what is and what needs to be.
  • Writing down my plans of change and posting them where I will see them everyday.
  • Setting sessions to review my progress on my goals quarterly (and revising goals as necessary).
  • Sharing my goals with a good friend and/or a mentor with the expressed intent of them holding me accountable.
  • Believing that I can and will CHANGE (even when I fall short of my expectations).

These five steps can jump start any goals that one sets for the New Year. Please share any additional suggestions. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!