The Break Up Steps

by Frank

This is part 5 of a 6 part series Breaking Unhealthy Relationships Now-B.U.R.N.

There are several tips and techniques you can use to move away from the unhealthy party. Some work better than others. Some don’t work at all. Here is a list of things to consider. Your situation and relationships will help you determine which one will work best for you. So here’s the list.

Technique #1: Honest Discussion

Depending on the nature of your relationship you might be able to simply have a mature discussion about the things that are bothering you. With this technique you can improve a relationship and not have to eliminate it.

Technique #2: Maximizing Uncommon Interests

This may seem cruel but in some instances it is necessary. Fill your schedule doing things the other party does not like. Now in order for this to be beneficial it has to be something that you will enjoy doing and will improve your quality of life. An example would be taking piano lessons if you have a “friend” who hates classical music.

Technique #3: Replacement Friends

Fill your schedule with outings and events with other friends whom you share common interests with. Now this works best if you invite the unhealthy party to come along if you want to reconcile the relationship or use in conjunction with technique #2 to create a disconnect.

Technique #4: Short & Sweet

Keep your interactions with the unhealthy party short and sweet. Don’t spend a lot of time talking with the other person. Slowly transition the conversations to become shorter and shorter until you no longer talk as much as you used to. Make your answers to questions short and do not elaborate. The goal is to end the conversation as soon as possible without being rude.

Technique #5: Full Calendar

This one is tough. It is a way to abruptly end a relationship. Fill up your calendar with events so you no longer have any free time to hang out or talk. The other party will quickly get the hint and hopefully bring you back to technique #1.

I will be the first to tell you that none of these techniques are easy to actually execute. Ending relationships is never an easy process. In your journey you will experience a combination of mixed emotions from yourself and the other party. Make the decision and stick to it no matter what.

Good Luck!

Stay tuned for the conclusion-The Clean Up