The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

by Jermaine

I cannot say that I took a verse out of the book of Frank and tried twenty gifts from the dollar store; however, I can say that I’ve missed the mark more times than I can count. So, as a recovering poor gift giver I want to share two of the tips that have been offered to me that helped me break my “poor gift giving cycle.” Without saying, start with a great gift -then- follow these two steps:


Do not give away your gift before the time to exchange. Just last week I found out my daughter has already opened one of her gifts. Sad times. I couldn’t get too upset with her because that was something I did more times than I can count. Yet, unlike my daughter, I specialized in not getting caught (she’s only three she still has time to learn). I encourage you to MAKE SURE THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE for anyone to know what your gift is before you give it. Even if this means hiding the gift(s) in the garage or in your desk at work.


If you have a really, REALLY great gift you may have to share it after the rest of the gifts are given.

(Buy a not so great gift and give that early to throw your gifty off.)

There is nothing quite like giving a gift Christmas night to someone who already thinks their Christmas is over. Try after 11:30 PM. They’ve eaten, talked until their jaws are sore, and fellowshipped with tons of family… now, as the night is winding down, offer that SPECIAL gift. This could be to a child, a spouse, a friend; whoever it is will never forget the shock. Do this and help me redefine the meaning of the phrase “A LAST MINUTE GIFT.”

Not much, but done correctly this will have a huge impact on the memory your gift can create for the person you are giving it to. Often times the memory of the experience can outlast the gift! That is the gift that keeps on giving (lasting memories). If you have an additional suggestion please feel free to share with the family!