The Power of A Good Musical

by Frank

good musicalsI normally try not to admit this publicly but I enjoy a good musical. What is a good musical? A good musical is a story that is expressed through song that is so exciting and compelling that you end up singing and humming the tunes well after the show is over. It is something so powerful that you feel like, stepping to the bad side (Dreamgirls), or wishing that rain drops would fall (The Five Heartbeats) no matter where you are.

I guess it is something about the thought of singing and dancing through life’s challenges that gets me going.

Could you imagine if life was a musical? There are a few songs I would like to compose for certain situations I see on Maury. My hit would probably be a slow ballad about the struggles of finding out who the baby’s father really is. I have included the lyrics below.

I call it Paternity Test

I’m so confused.
I thought I had him caught.
I brought him on TV
and found out I did not.

But I won’t give up.
I will never quit.
No matter how bad I look.
I will test again.

Because one day soon.
Not to far away…

I’m gone to find out…
Who the dad is.

It’s a work in progress but you get the idea.

I think life would be a whole lot more interesting if we could just break out in a song and dance routine when things get crazy. It will be a lot easier to read what’s going on in people lives.

“Wow did you see Susie today? Her theme music was exciting. She must have got that raise she wanted.”

“Yeah, but watch out for Paul he has that gangster music banging today. He even broke out a few battle dancing moves. I’m guessing he is not in a good mood.”

“Guess who broke up with her boyfriend? Kim.”
“How do you know?”

“Wherever she goes it keeps raining on her.” 🙂

I just think things like this will make life a whole lot more interesting. Don’t you agree? Anyway the point of this post, yes I have a point, is to share with you some good musicals that have inspired me. You never know they might inspire you as well.


Dreamgirls– This is a great story of a group of young girls making their way into the music industry that is barred by the challenges of the civil rights movement during the 1960’s and 70’s. It has a great cast and some awesome performances that exposes the truth about the music industry during these times.

My favorite part: Eddy Murphy singing, Stepping to the Bad Side.

The Five Heartbeats– A story of the rise and fall of an African American soul singing group set in the era of the 1960’s. This is a great story of going from rags to riches and displays how even good things do come to an end. It is full of great music with plenty of characters that will keep your attention from beginning to end.

My favorite line: “They could have booed or something. They didn’t have to hit me in the head with no bottle.”

The Temptations– I don’t think I even need to do a description for this one. Awesome from beginning to middle. It has all the greatest hits like My Girl, The Girls Alright with Me, and Papa Was A Rolling Stone. This starts off as a great and inspiring movie about dreams coming true. Just don’t watch it all the way to the end. It gets depressing. Everybody dies.

My favorite line: “I’m David Ruffin and these are The Temptations.”

Rent– This is a great story that follows the life of a group of poor friends which are all artists in their perspective rights trying to find their way through life. Many of them are battling with HIV, broken hearts and stolen dreams. This one will have you standing up from your seat rocking. The music in this one has you making deep reflections on how we choose to value life.

My favorite song: 525,600 minutes

Little Shop of Horrors– A geeky florist employee by the name of Seymour, finds a small plant that only survives by the consumption of blood. This thirst later develops into a unquenchable desire to eat human flesh. It’s not all bad though. The plant, while forcing Seymour to murder for his food, also helps him find love.

My favorite part: Steve Martin singing, Son Be A Dentist.

I know for a fact that watching any one of these movies when life has got you down will change the course of your day. Give it a shot! Let a good musical inspire you.