The Power of Service

by Jermaine

Tuesday started as “just another Tuesday.” I ran to work and began my daily task. It was a good day. I got a lot accomplished. My Outlook Calendar called for a meeting with a local corporate executive.

I got to the meeting place a few minutes early and began to recap all of the things I still needed to complete that day. Prepped for business, but ready for anything, the moment my contact walked through the door I noticed he was on the phone. As he finally grabbed a seat I asked the question that has accompanied every conversation I’ve had this week, “How was your Thanksgiving?”

I can honestly say I expected him to share a little about moist turkey, in-laws, and football game scores. Instead I received a huge awakening. His response was clear…

I had the BEST Thanksgiving ever!

O. k.
The best Thanksgiving ever? Noble thought. How can you back up such a lofty claim? Have you had my grandmother’s strawberry cheesecake? Have you tasted my mom’s macaroni in cheese?

He proceeded to tell me that he took his wife and two oldest children to Mexico to build homes with an organization called Homes of Hope. He passionately shared how there was a family of eight living in a home that was smaller than my two car garage. What they called a bed was simply a piece of ply wood with carpet on top. No indoor plumbing. No air conditioning. Just in case I wasn’t getting it clear enough he pulled out his laptop and showed me the pictures!

Immediately I was humbled

I take so much for granted. I live in a country of abundance. So much so that I vaguely know what true economic struggle is about. As U.S. citizens our worst day is often better than the dreams of our neighbors in other parts of the world. Yet, instead of a heart to give, society has bred me to take, take, take. I throw away more food in a day than some people have the opportunity to eat in a week.

Why serve?

Because we’re in the perfect position to!

Why serve?

Because if you and I don’t there is no promise that anyone else will.

Why serve?

Because one family in one weekend on one mission can make a difference.

The final kicker to our conversation was when he shared how the young Mexican girl cleaved to them with thanks. She was so excited that she would no longer be cold at night when she went to bed. Let’s ask her if she believes in the power of servanthood.