The Reconstruction of Life

by Frank

atomic explosionSuddenly without warning a massive, earth shaking, and life-threatening bomb has just exploded in your life leaving behind catastrophic damage. An area that was once full of peace and tranquility is now consumed by chaos, fear and confusion. Everything around you is destroyed. Nothing looks the same. Nothing is the same.

Every pertinent relationship you had has shattered to pieces like the fragments of broken glass that surrounds you. The ground is saturated with the “remains” of your hopes and dreams. Fire consumes the pillars that were once in your life, like religion, financial security, and family. Ashes of joy rain from the sky distracting you from the falling shrapnel and debris that could end your life. The sky is so dark that you can’t tell rather it is night or day.

As you slowly regain conscientiousness you realize the sheer power of the explosion has blown you to a place you have never been before. This is uncharted territory. Maybe you have lost your job. Maybe you have lost your home. Maybe you have lost a loved one. Maybe you just lost a friend.


Often during our darkest, deepest, most heart-wrenching moments, we are so consumed by our current predicaments that we think death or failure is imminent. I have heard it is darkest just before day. Don’t forget that the sun is still there it is just hidden behind the smoke. Fires don’t burn forever. Destroyed buildings are rebuilt. Devastated communities are revitalized

Your dreams, although, they may be scattered they can be re-gathered. Your wounds will heal and you will come out stronger and wiser than you were before. Your best weapon in this critical stage of life isn’t a gun, its a hammer.

Life will always hit us with something unexpected. Some of the blows are lighter and barely make us stumble. Others are so ferocious that they knock us off of our feet. In times when what we have worked so hard for and loved so dearly is destroyed there is nothing else to do but rebuild.

As you look around at the things that are destroyed or misplaced in your life today just remember you are building a better you, brick by brick.

Start with a brick of hope.

Then add a brick of faith.

Stack on a brick of love.

Solidify them by the mortar of trust.

Adhere to the brick of respect.

Strengthen yourself by the wisdom of experience. And before you know it you will have built something greater than what existed in the past.

Destruction can be a signal of the end to some and a new beginning to others.

Are you ready to rebuild? It’s time for a life reconstructed.