The Reward of Fearlessness

by Jermaine

the reward of fearlessnessUnsurprisingly my suggestion to use a “growth platform format” to measure success generated a lot of controversy as several of the most cerebral “A Spark Starts” readers scoffed at the ideal of charting growth for life. Yet, overall, it was well received. One of the positive comments came from Michael Charney. He stated:

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

A little deeper detective work revealed that this is a phrase that Michael got from his wife, Renee Charney. (You should check out her blog,

As if trying to wrap my mind around the concept of success wasn’t enough, now I have to add this new nugget of wisdom to the equation. I’m left wondering, “Is success really something a lot more naturally attainable then most of us think?” My momentary answer is, “Duh, Jermaine, YES!”


So, after slapping the palm of my hand to my forehead and then laughing besides myself, (because I don’t know my own strength and the slap hurt a little more than I expected) I explored the effects of fear as it relates to my personal goals.

It wasn’t long before I began to see that there were a handful of characters (laziness, lack of resources, lack of support, lack of focus, misuse of time, lack of experience, etc.) that worked faithfully to undermine my plans. Number one on the list was consistently F.E.A.R.


Reading Michael’s short and simple comment of how he and the misses do what they love and have the freedom to structure their day as they see fit sent a tingling sensation across my chest. Why? There is great risk in stepping away from an institution and launching out into the deep on your own. My initial excitement was quickly grounded by all of the problems that this type of move could produce: no health insurance, no paid vacation days, etc.

Still, other thoughts began to flow to the front of my mind… Thoughts like Robert Kiyosaki’s famous quote, “Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.”

I asked myself the hard question, “Are we missing the best opportunities to reach towards our desired goals, careers, family life, and social settings because we are trapped in a straight-jacket of fear?” Maybe you’re a little like me and when opportunity shows up you miss it because all you can see is the problems their dressed in. Hmmm. I can’t say that fear is 100% to blame for lack of progress and radical change in my life but it definitely plays its part extremely well in keeping me scatter-brained instead of laser-focused on what REALLY matters.


There are rewards for the actions we take. The reward of living in a state of fearlessness cannot be measured. This mindset allows for such a unique view of one’s current status (and strategy for next steps) that it empowers a key contributor to our life journey: Us!

It also opens our ears to hear again what the rest of the universe may have tried to speak into our spirit through the blow of the wind, the peace of the sun rise, and the cascading grace that sustains us daily. Life is meant to be enjoyed and LIVED.

How do you plan to LIVE fearless today?
Please share with the group.