The Rollercoaster of Life

by Frank


Photo by Maciek Sliwinski

I love Cedar Point. The taller and faster the ride the greater the adrenaline rush. I can close my eyes and imagine the wind blowing up against my skin, the smell of the overpriced food from the food courts, hear the screams of excitement and fear that come from the people on the rides.

I can even feel the queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach after getting on a ride too soon after I eat. It is my guilty pleasure. If I could ride roller coasters everyday for the rest of my life I would die a really happy man.

I will stand in line for 40 minutes or longer just to get on a ride that lasts 30 seconds. Each step that I take brings me closer and closer to my opportunity to go on a ride of a lifetime. The excitement and anticipation has me bouncing around like a 4 year old who just ate an economy size bag of M&M’s with extra chocolate. All I can do is anxiously talk about the ride I am about to get on.

When I make it to the front that same excitement turns to absolute fear. After waiting in line and fighting through the crowd I am now having second thoughts. Quietly, I negotiate within myself rather I have the courage to go through with this commitment.

From far away it looked fun but when I was about to get in the drivers seat I was pretending I forgot my license. After some self motivation I finally make the move to take my seat.

On my way up the hill I can look over and see all the obstacles and difficult terrain I will have to negotiate just to make it out safely. I can clearly see the ups and downs that are before me. Not only are there physical challenges but mental ones as well.

The track is full of dark tunnels that limit my vision to see only what is behind me (past) but not in front (future). Smoke covers the latter half of the ride which was not visible when looking at the ride from the ground. I don’t know what I just got myself into.

Oddly there are people around me with both of their hands in the air. Knowing that things are going to get rough I usually am clinging to the handle on my seat. I wouldn’t dare celebrate something that terrifies me. Either they have been on this ride before and know what to expect or they are just really happy regardless of where the ride ends they know they are on the right track.

Are you on the right track?


Life is full of ups and downs, darkness and light, and is unpredictable when when we go through situations we have never faced before. The best thing we can do when life has us afraid is to lift our hands as a sign of surrender and enjoy the ride. There are so many tracks to choose from, so many paths to take, and we have to take the time to figure out what is best for us. Are you willing to trust the decisions that you make?

If so, take your hands off of the handle and lift them in the air.