The Impact of Time on ‘The Pursuit of Success’

by Jermaine

The Impact of TimeLife Is Made Of Millions Of Moments… BUT we live only one of these moments at a time. As we begin to change this moment, we begin to change our lives.”

-Trinidad Hunt

Every moment of every life is valuable. The five minutes that just passed are five minutes that you will never see again.


How did you invest that time? Do you feel like you got the most out of it? Were you friendly, giving, supportive, informative, or just tired. I know what you’re thinking… “it was only five minutes!” Yes, they’ll be more minutes and more moments but never those exact minutes and moments again. Thus, time is of the essence. It is a vital entity that is often lost so quickly that we don’t even recognize what we had before it is already gone. Life is but a vapor.

With these facts in mind, make sure that you are investing your “moments” wisely and getting the most out of them. Try to do your best to engulf yourself with “life” one moment at a time. If you can for an hour live in the moment then you can do the same thing for a day. If you can focus your mind to do it for a day then you can do it for a week. If a week, then a month.

If a month, then a lifetime.

Now, a lifetime of sincerely felt and experienced moments is all that any soul can ask for. Take this principle and attempt to apply it and let me know what you think. It can change your professional and social life. It can also change your definitely of success.


Success is made complete one moment at a time. Goals are attained one action at a time. Each step that we take is critical to our final outcome. Algebra reveals this best with the concept of angles. If you are merely a few degrees off from walking towards your set goal then, in a very short time the distance between where you are and where you are going will have grown instead of decreased. Thus, your efforts in walking were spent in vain. It only takes a moment to react out of anger (or any other negative emotion) and change the rest of your life. I’m not saying that after the moment has passed your life is not salvageable. I’m just saying that caution can prevent a lot of lost ground. I adjure you to make every move a calculated step. Stay focused; stay in tuned with your inner-self-inspired dream. Don’t let a moment pass when this goal leaves you. You’re destiny is being fulfilled (or forsaken) with every beat of your heart. Success is yours for the taking. You have all the tools you need. Don’t waste the precious time to execute your plan.

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