There is Strength in Numbers

by Frank

There is Strength in Numbers

Photo by Myles Davidson

Have you ever tried to do it “all” by yourself?
Do you prefer your own work over the work of others?
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your list of tasks?

I have a confession to make.

In a flash of high levels of adrenaline and testosterone I made the mistake of trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was loaded down with heavy burdens, lack of resources, and unrealistic expectations.

I don’t know if you noticed but the world is not a small place.

There I stood with my “massive” 5’9″ frame, with arms stretched wide, grimacing and straining from the mass of my decisions. All I wanted to do was make a difference. All I wanted to do was change someones’ life. All I wanted to do was help.

The issue was I tried to do it all alone.

From this vulnerable place of desperation, it was a tough thing to realize but I couldn’t help anyone when all of my focus and energy is being used to stop me from being crushed. I can’t use my hands to pull someone else to safety because they are being stretched and strained to help me maintain my grip.  My feet have become one with the ground I stand on due to the obscene amount of weight they bear.

All it would take is a minor distraction and the world would fall apart.


As I hid behind my pride and turned away valuable assistance my load got heavier. Then one day, from sheer exhaustion, I lost my balance and fell and everything around me started crumbling to pieces. I was inches away from being completely consumed and just in the nick of time someone else stepped in to take my place.

Pride nearly killed me.

Where I had fallen short and given up a friend came in and put the weight on their shoulders. When I thought I could do it all by myself I was forced to completely rely on the strength of someone else. The odd thing was they weren’t alone. A group of people who vowed to make a difference in a community surrounded the world I had on my back and equally distributed the weight.

There was not one person stuck holding a load they could not carry. Each person has a unique level of strength and they carried all the weight that they could bear. Image the burden of holding a 500 pound weight on your back. Now imagine just holding 2 pounds. The difference was life changing.

I wrote all of this to say.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Life is not always going to be easy. I guarantee things will happen to you that will make you feel like you can’t make it. Every day has a period of sunshine and darkness. So does life. Challenges can’t be avoided but the good news is..there is strength in numbers.

Who care’s if you failed a test of life? Link up with someone who has already passed it.

Who care’s about your past mistakes? Surround yourself with people who give you confidence to reach your future success.

Who care’s if things aren’t going the way they should? Network with a person who can give you direction.

Don’t carry that weight alone. It will kill you. It almost killed me. Here are some tips to get set you free.

Ask for help.
This requires you to admit you don’t know it all. This was (is) really tough for me.

Accept Assistance
Learn from the experience of others. It will save you a lot of time. I say this from personal experience.

Learn to be Humble
This was one of those classes that I waited until I was forced to take it. Let’s just say it is better to take this as an elective. I didn’t like humble pie when it was force fed to me.

Network with like-minded individuals
A lot of the heavy lifting I did was a whole lot easier when I had a spotter. This person helped me to bear the loads of life when things got too heavy for me. They were there as encouragement and support.

What do you think? Is there strength in numbers?

I can see you straining.

Go distribute the weight.