There’s Still Time!

by Frank


Photo by healingdream

As I reflected back on the beginning of this year I can remember all of the elaborate plans I made for the many things that I wanted to accomplish. As I sat in my recliner chair in my room 10 months later I can confidently say out of seven I can cross one of them off of the list. To me that is just not good enough. I am missing the mark. Have you ever felt that way?

What is the purpose of making resolutions and goals if I don’t actually intend to fulfill them. So this week the writers of A Spark Starts will be writing about finishing strong.


Have you made some resolutions that you have yet to accomplish? If you are anything like me you might have given up on a few of them before the month of January was even over. The good news is there is still hope. The clock has not expired and the game is not over yet.

Do you remember the feeling of inspiration and joy that you felt when you made the determination that 2010 was going to be the best year of your life. Every part of you body was fully committed. The feeling was similar to electricity the way it coursed through your body. Just the mention of what you were going to accomplish gave you goosebumps. At that moment in time you felt like you had already completed the task at hand.


Maybe you wanted to lose weight, write a book, or get a new set of skills and job. If you haven’t reached those particular goals how does that make you feel? Does the fact that you have fallen short give you those same joyful emotions? I doubt it. During this time of year many people are throwing in the towel and preparing for next years list of resolutions. Well today is an important day for you. Today is October 25, 2010 and the year is not over yet.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and picture yourself not only accomplishing your yearly goals but also doing more than you ever thought was possible. Let the confidence and renewed excitement flow through your entire body like blood circulating from you heart, beating violently with a thump of inspiration and hope.

Can you feel the strength that  flows through you. Now let’s take the first step to reclaiming this year.

Here’s How:

1. Revisit you resolutions

What is it that you wanted to do this year? I wanted to start my own website, improve my presentation skills and prepare myself to start my own business.

2. Prioritize and focus on most important goals

With it being the last quarter of the year if your list is the size of a short novel you may not be able to complete every goal you set out for yourself. Now is the time to determine what is most important.

3. Make a plan of attack.

Purposely schedule out time of your day to make your resolution a reality. If you don’t have time, wake up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour later. No excuses. To strengthen your resolve put your plan in writing and make it public if applicable. By public I mean tell people what you are doing so they can encourage you. If you don’t have any friends tell me and I will personally take time out to annoy you and keep you on track.

4. Act Now!

Immediately do something at this very moment that will bring you closer to getting the job done. If your goal was to get a promotion and raise walk up to your supervisor and ask them about opening positions and how can you make sure you are a qualified candidate to fill that role.

We are excited to be able to share with you this week all of the tips and tricks we have to help you finish strong. Stay tuned all week for some outstanding insight and stories. Don’t forget to share your favorite with your friends.

Make today unbelievable!!

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