This is Just the Beginning

by Frank


Photo by Enrico Nunziati

Using every piece of artistic talent in their arsenal a director knows that they have only about a ten minute window to wow you with cinematic effects. The lights, the sounds, and even the vocabulary used sets the tone for the entire movie. At theĀ  beginning an unbelievable act of destruction or a display of mind blowing special effects demands attention.This tiny percentage of the film has the power to sway an audience and capture their attention or make them start heading for the exits.

If your life was a movie and today was your opening scene would people want to see the rest?

It matters how you start!


My goals for 2011 are simple. They are focused around organization, executing strategy, and serving. The reason for the simplicity of my resolutions is I want them to last longer than just the month of January. I don’t want them to be a fad based upon the turning of the clock into the new year. So here is my plan to help me make it through the year better, stronger and wiser.


In order to maintain my motivation and focus I will use two tips from my past.

  1. Put them in writing– If I write it down it becomes real to me. Especially if it is in a spot where I see it everyday.
  2. Make it public– Your peers have the power to remind you of what you said. The more people that know the better. This will keep you motivated. Nobody wants to be viewed as a quitter.


Not only will I make my goals public to create an obligation but I will also use various unique measures to track my progress.

  1. Peer Meeting– I will select a close peer or mentor to meet with me on a monthly or quarterly basis to gauge my performance. This will be a person specifically selected for honesty and professional guidance who will give me feedback even in difficult situations.
  2. Check Points-In order to know I am going in the right direction I have set up specific check points with measurable tacks of achievement that I plan to hit throughout the year.


Now just because I plan doesn’t mean things will go smoothly. I am human and I guarantee I will mess up. That I promise. In order to not get frustrated with challenges I have a few steps to maintain my motivation.

  1. Fix what’s broken-As soon as an issue arises I will go into fire fighting mode. If you don’t fix the leaky faucet you could possibly end up with a flooded basement. Fix it before it becomes unrepairable.
  2. Abandon Lost Causes– If it’s not working don’t keep wasting your time. STOP!

I have set up a clear plan for myself to keep me motivated and on track to reach every one of my goals and exceed my own expectations. I want you to do the same. Take a moment today and set the tone for a great year. Don’t drag, don’t be slack or you might end up playing catch up.

What are you going to do today to make your opening scene unforgettable?