Just When You Thought it Was Safe…

by Jermaine

Your goals of success aren't safe until you put your heart (yourself) into them.

I’ve been looking for a short cut to success for about ten years solid. I haven’t really tried any but I’ve heard that they are out there. The reality is that most of the crazy attempts to get ahead are just that…  crazy!

Even the people who have found a measure of success in a unique limitless-earning-potential position have had to humbly admit that it was a WHOLE LOT OF WORK. The kicker is the rewards sometimes are less than if you would have put in the effort to do it the old fashion way.

What am I saying, “Bottomline: there is no substitute for real hard work.” With that being said, the best I’ve been able to come up with in my early pursuit is a twist on an old saying, “Work smarter and harder.”

What is the one product that no one else in the world has the option to market? It is you. Marketing yourself as well as your product sometimes is the only edge that you can manage against solid competition. Even if you have a great product someone somewhere sooner or later will find a way to make something like it. Yet, no one can duplicate you. Thus, my advice is to find a way to make sure people get more from their experience with you then they ever get from your notes, your flyers, or your product alone. Give people a relationship starter. 

I’m not saying be fake or overly friendly. I’m definitely not saying be pushy or overbearing. Be who you are. That is a treasure that no one can unearth until they’ve taken the time to get to know… YOU. The sincere can outlast the flashy. The genuine is far more valuable than the fake. Ask my wife and she’ll say, “Give me a quarter carat diamond over a four carat cubic zerconia anyday.” Why, the briance fades and the glow goes out of the fake while the diamond “is forever.”

That’s the smarter. Let me warn you… this method does not equate to less effort just longer-lasting results. You’ll still have to work. You’ll still have to contend. You’ll still have to put in the hours, however, the briance of a person who knows who they are and why-they-do what- they-do is a special combination that is hard to match. Just when you thought it was safe to look for an out I’m compelling you to dig a little deeper in, take a deep breath, and put your heart (yourself) back into your mission. Good luck!