Three Life Changing Habits You Need To Develop Today

by Frank

Good Daily Habits: Change

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

One of the best ways to gauge your personal level of achievement, in any area, is to review the habits that exist in your life. This simple activity can be a clear indication of your life’s direction and purpose. By asking this question of yourself and others, you can quickly determine what someone is accomplishing in life: “What are you doing?” The responses should break down to something like this: A singer sings. A writer writes. A dancer dances. A speaker speaks. A photographer takes photographs.

If you wish to enhance your natural talents and abilities, build habits around them. Personally, I love to write, speak, and inspire others. Prior to 2015, after a quick review, I found my habits were complaining, watching TV, and being envious of others. How did I know those were my habits? Those were the activities that I found myself doing every single day. 2015 was not going to be the same. I made a commitment to change and I did so by doing something simple – I changed my habits.

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Today, I am going to share the three life changing daily habits I formed which made the most dramatic positive impact in my day to day life.

Good Daily Habit One: Do Something Meaningful & Challenging

“Without struggle there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglas

Fear was one of the greatest hindrances in my pursuit of a better and more fulfilling life. Fear caused me to visualize these constant embarrassing scenarios that played within my head whenever I thought of doing something new. I searched for the approval of others and allowed the opinions of imaginary people to stop me from moving forward. Now if there is something that needs to be done that gives me butterflies, I do it anyway. This habit has helped me to do all of the following things within the last 8-10 months:

Self Published a Book: How to Start a Fire Underwater  (You should buy a copy!)
Wrote 11 LinkedIn Articles
Started a freelancing writing business
Teach a weekly Sunday School class for new Christians
Occasionally open services at my church and teach a small segment at Bible Study

Good Daily Habit Two: Finish What You Start

“There is nothing so fatal to character than half finish tasks.” David Lloyd Judge

Procrastination and I were best friends. He always showed up right on time to stop me from getting the jobs that needed to be done completed. Due to his commitment to my life, I never got anything done. In fact, I lacked focus for so long that I didn’t know what it felt like to actually finish things. Then we had a huge fight. I called him lazy. He called me a show off. I called him a disease that needed to be eradicated. He called me a snob that wanted to make others look bad. It was like watching two people in a long term relationship share how they really felt about each other. It got ugly. Let’s just say we are no longer friends. Now when I start a task, I work at it until its done. If it is a big task, I create a long term plan for it and work at it at a reasonable pace with consistency. You have to breakup with procrastination.

Good Daily Habit Three: Do Your Best

“Excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best.” -Unknown

Are you really doing the best that you can do or are you doing just enough to get by? If we only do enough to get by, we will never do enough to move forward. Greatness can never be achieved while striving to be mediocre. Holding back your talents will not do you or the world any good. Excellence is not perfection, it is doing the best that you can do in any situation. Giving your best is not the easy option. It is exhausting, challenging, and time consuming. It is also one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and invigorating experiences you can have in your life. When you know that you gave your all in a situation, it is easy to be at peace with whatever the outcome may be.

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Put these habits to work in your life today and you will start to make progress to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. I can personally attest that within a short amount of time you can make strides beyond what you ever thought was possible. These simple habits are life changing!