‘Time’ to Make a Change

by Jermaine


The most valuable commodity that people have is not their car, their home, their 401k, or even their children (don’t tell my wife I said that). The most valuable commodity one has is their time. Every moment of it is precious. Once time is spent it can never be recouped. Thus, if you want to invest in yourself you have to start with setting aside some of your precious time.

Frank kicked off this topic with a discussion about the local library. I agree, it is a good place to start. But what good would a trip to the library do if you never take the time to read the books you check out?

When dealing with working adults our time is usually far spent. We’re running to social events, putting in overtime, dropping kids off at soccer practice, or job hunting for our next gig. With all these things sucking up our valuable time what’s left? Not much. The last thing you need is one more addition to the list. Yet, I’m here to submit that the key to investing in your self is creating a plan.


“What kind of investment?” you ask. It is totally up to you. Once you’ve selected some thing then you have to make it a part of your schedule. It takes 21 days to make a habit which means in three weeks you can set the course to change the rest of your life.

For example, you can plan to better your physical health. Take some time to assess how healthy you are currently. If you’re like me you may look totally healthy and still have a lot of room for improvement. Every year I tell myself I’m going to get a regular work out routine. Summer has come and gone and I’m still thinking about my lack of time on the basketball court. Not that I’m trying to be Michael Jordan. I just want to get enough exercise in to burn a few calories and keep my body toned. A million good intentions but because I haven’t scheduled time to workout it keeps getting over looked week after week.

Don’t be like me, set a schedule and stick to it.


Please seriously consider these suggestions (don’t laugh) that are listed below (ok laugh but take them seriously at the same time).

8 hours of sleep/night. Well, at least 7 hours.

-Taking a class at your local community center for a hobby that you’ve always dreamed of doing.

-Saving money (it takes time to make money) so you can take a REAL vacation.

-Saving money to get a better professional wardrobe.

-Schedule time to exercise into your weekly routine.

Beyond the surface suggestions:

-Spend at least one hour a weekend totally alone (that means without your kids) to decompress.
-Use this time to review your last week and plan for your next.
-Or, this time could be spent taking a bath, resting,  or singing along to your favorite inspiration music to get your zeal back.

-Do some soul searching. Carve an hour out of each day to pray. (This should include prayer for others.)

-Volunteering at your local hospital or senior citizen’s home. (This will help you appreciate your current health and youth).

Set aside time to talk with a parent, sibling, or good friend each week. (This will strengthen your family ties).

 Let me know what you would add.