Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost…

by Jermaine

Hold on as long as you can if you find a career you love

     Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote this quote talking about relationships. I want to take this quote for a ride this morning and jump into our relationship with our career(s).

     Have you ever had a job you loved. I mean you got up in the morning singing your way to your job, laughing with your co-workers by day, eating lunch with them by afternoon, and saying goodbye at the end of the day like you were leaving a group of long lost friends. Push it further? Have you ever fell in love with your “work?” Maybe it was writing a book, writing songs, trying to record an album, opening a motivational speaking consulting firm, or drawing a huge picture, or trying to start a company, or building a blog. Whatever it is (or was) does it seem like when you’re really into it time is flying by and you’re standing still? Does it seem like a dream state has eclipse reality and your spouse or friends or family try to pull you away and you just can’t leave? That is what people mean when they say, “I LOVE WHAT I DO!”

     If you have never been fortunate enough to say these words then I petition you to get out and find what that thing is. I don’t care if it is video game design. Find it! Even if your career in this area only last two or three years you’ll truly understand what Mr. Tennyson meant when he said, “Tis better to have Loved and Lost then to have never Loved at all.