To Touch A Cloud

by Frank

How do you reach the unreachable and achieve what to many seems impossible?

Could you image living in a time where automobiles are the most advanced technological device that existed and bikes were the preferred method of transportation. Before GPS and 4G cell phones. This was a period where the only thing flying in the sky was the birds. Can you imagine staring in the sky as you play with toy helicopter, in your bicycle shop and decide you want to make a plane.

To put this in context, wanting to build a plane during this period of time is like saying that I want to build my own teleporter that zaps me directly to work. It sounds insane. The Wright brothers were nuts. These two gentlemen had guts or were suicidal. It depends on who you ask.

Often I sit around and look over the inventions that the most brilliant minds of this world have created and none of them impress me as much as the airplane. I know many of you are wondering why I would sit around and think about this. That is another 2 page post about procrastination stay tuned. The airplane unlike many other inventions put the people who tried to create them in a great deal of danger.

If you made a plane that did not successfully fly, you crashed. There were no front and rear airbags to cushion your fall. This was before “tuck your head in between your legs” and respirators that fall from the ceiling. There was nothing but wood hitting the ground followed by people dressed in black talking about your greatest accomplishments. In other words these gentlemen were building the most elaborate way to commit suicide if they calculated incorrectly.
I guarantee you that the Wright brothers were laughed at, ridiculed, called insane, nuts, crazy, and any other obscenity you can think of. Even with everyone being convinced they would fail they keep building.

Not only were these men gutsy but they were extremely brave. Failure meant death or serious bodily injury but it didn’t stop them from trying. Crash after crash, failure after failure, they kept building planes until one went in the air and stayed there until they landed it. They touched the clouds first.

I want you to understand that flying did not exist. It was to the people who lived during this era impossible. The people with the doubt and the disbelief weren’t the ones with the tools and the knowledge to make it happen. It was the people with the dream, the people with the guts, the people who would rather die trying than to give up. The Wright brothers wanted to fly.

I hope you aren’t one of the people laughing and pointing. You might end up watching someone else life, career, joy and happiness take off in front of you while you stand on the runaway. I know how to touch a cloud when you can’t fly.


It may not fly the first time off the ground. You might crash and lose everything you have worked on. The only way to justify the effort you have put in is to finish.

Are you ready to start building?