Traffic Jams Happen For A Reason

by Frank

There is nothing worse than having a long and stressful day at work just to end up stuck in traffic on the way home. This would not be just some slow moving, delay, or reroute type of traffic. I am talking about grid lock. Where the cars are packed in so close together that you could sneeze and the driver in front of you would feel the mist on the back of their necks.

I just want to go home. No matter how hard I blow the horn or step on the gas just to go a few inches, will bring me the relief I am looking for. I’m stuck. I am out of ideas. I can’t seem to move forward no matter how hard I try. I bang my head up against the steering wheel in disgust and prepare myself for the long ride home.

Traffic Jame

Photo by Paul Martin Eldridge

As I looked around at the people in the cars who surrounded me I noticed that no one seemed happy about the situation that they were currently in. They screamed, blew their horns, flipped people off, and did not share the road at all. Road rage was prevalent all over the road in every direction. It seems like when we get in a jam, we become very selfish.

Disappointed in what I saw as I looked around, I took a moment to gather my thoughts and turned on the radio to see if there was any news about what had the road so backed up.

There was an accident. A really bad accident and someone lost their life. All of a sudden trying to hurry up and get home became a humbling thought that someone in that accident will never see their home again.

We were all on the same road going in the same direction but someone ahead of me got in a collision. The error in judgment that was made on behalf of one of the drivers in the accident has delayed a lot of people from reaching their destination on time. The remaining drivers have to be forced to one lane just to be able to go by and get where they want to go.

There was just a delay to reach their destination.

At the end of the day I was happy I was able to go home.

It is important to have dreams, goals and visions of what you want your future to be. But, rushing to get to your destination before you are suppose to be there can be harmful for you. You might just get in a collision.

The next time you get in a jam (traffic) be patient and wait for the directions that will get you home safely.

Be safe out there guys.