Tune it out!

by Jermaine

Tune out anything that is not aligning with your inner voice.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to find your own voice. We have been surrounded by examples our whole life.

While riding in the car with my wife we begin to talk about one of the people we know. It was clearly evident that this person had picked up a ton of characteristics from his father. Listening to him talk, watching him walk, even the way he greeted people (hand shake and pat on the back) was nearly exactly the same as his father. They used the exact same words! It is evident that this person learned a lot from his father’s example that he probably never questioned and odviously never changed. He literally just adopted these ways of doing things as his own.

The bible declares in Proverbs 14:12

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

I’m not talking about my previous example, I’m talking about us. What are we doing? Who has shaped our way of doing things? Was it God -or- was it just the ways of this world?

We all have associates and friends that we share our issues with. When things are good they usually express how they could be better. When things are bad they usually express how they wouldn’t be able to stand it. You know, the people that start off their part of the conversation with, “If that was me I’d….” By the time they’re finished you may be all worked up and angry instead of insightful and ready to forgive. If you have people like this in your life be careful, these are people that are reinforcing the ways of this world. If you listen long enough to their rants you’ll begin to think that they are making good points. Why? Becuase they are making good points!

Logic doesn’t line up well with the Bible. However, it is all of our responsibility to evaluate why we do what we do (even if these are habits/traits we picked up from our parents). We have to learn to make the strongest voice in our life the voice of God. Finding your true purpose could mean going against the advice of close friends, siblings, and even parents. To really become who we are destined to be we will have to take a leap of faith. Once we get solid direction about where we’re going it is up to us to tune out everything else that is trying to distract us.