What Are You Clinging To?

by Frank

Clinging to Money
Cameron H


My son might just be the clingiest person on the planet. Whenever we are together I am transformed into a jungle gym and he begins the process of climbing all over me. He never stops moving. He sits on my lap, swings on my arms, stands on my feet, jumps on my shoulders, and wraps his arms around my neck. I am his personal prisoner never to be let free to enjoy a moment of uninterrupted sitting.


You see my son is the only child and he requires constant attention. If he wants to play a game, my wife and I have to play it with him. If he wants to play football, I am running through the house, don’t tell my wife, tackling him and teaching him the proper footwork for a spin move. He enjoys my attention and he doesn’t like to share it. I don’t blame the kid. I think I’m pretty awesome too.  🙂


My son’s clinging represents something greater that for a long time I didn’t comprehend. I originally thought it was annoying now I understand it is a blessing. Ian’s clinging represents a lot. He clings to me because he loves my attention and devotion. He clings to my behaviors because they are a model for his own life. He clings to me for guidance, protection, fun, and 110% of pure awesomeness which comes standard in anyone named Frank.


After witnessing first hand the effects of clinging in action I started to take a look at my own life. I found out I was no better than my son except I cling to things that are a lot less tangible. I hold on to unrealistic expectations like Ian swings on my arms. I grip tightly to unfavorable circumstances and lost causes hoping for a chance of redemption when there is clearly no need to pursue. I cling to Oreo’s and ice cold milk in the middle of the night when I get a craving. There is just so much I try to hold onto.



As we grow older and mature we may not cling to the things like we did in our past. We may not carry around a blanket, hang on our parents like they are playground equipment, or get consumed with the things that matter most. We cling to things that don’t matter. We cling to material possessions, jobs, and unhealthy relationships. We cling to financial struggles, stress, and confusion. We hold onto stuff that we should be fighting to get rid of.

Life was not meant to be this way. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  So, as you go through the remainder of this week I want you to break yourself free from the things you are clinging too that you shouldn’t be.

Let go of whatever is holding you back.

Push away any limiting beliefs.

Loose your grip from the things you want but don’t need.

My son taught me a lesson of a lifetime. Cling to what matters. What really matters to you?