What Are You So Afraid Of?

by Frank

I love Monsters, Inc. There is just something about the thought of big, hairy, scary monsters being afraid of a kid. On some level I understand it. I have kid and he scares me to death. What, don’t judge me. If you have one you know exactly what I mean. Children are unpredictable.

In Monsters Inc. the citizens of Monstropolous are under the belief that children, whose screams power their city, are evil super power villains that would cause death and destruction in their world, which can be entered through a closet portal. Well to save you from a long drawn out synopsis I will tell you one tiny, cute, pig tail wearing toddler gets in. 

Oddly, they name her Boo. Boo is spotted in Monstropolous and chaos breaks out at the area restaurant where she is seen. The monsters, sharing their accounts of the event, tell of the child having laser vision eyes and mind powers used to lift them off of the ground to the local news in an interview.

They even go as far as believing that a simple touch for a child would kill them instantly. That actually might have some truth to it. Kids are germ factories. 🙂 The town is in lock-down because there is a child on the loose.

Well come to find out the girl wasn’t deadly or toxic at all. She was an innocent little girl trapped in a monster world just trying to get home. She was a monster by perception. The monster world was scared of a child. Big, hairy, ugly, monsters scared of a kid. Or was it the unknown they were afraid of?

If we base our lives off of what people say and not what they have experienced we oddly can miss out on some great opportunities to grow and change the world in which we live in. So, when you are afraid or in doubt the best way to learn about something is to experience it for yourself.

Don’t be afraid of something that doesn’t exist. Fear can keep you from reaching your goals. 

So is what’s holding you back really a evil super villain or a lost child.

What are you so afraid of?