What Do You Have to Give?

by Frank

Giving A Gift

Photo by Charles Thompson

Just the other night, I was talking to my son asking him what did he want Santa to bring him for Christmas. He immediately started to rattle off a long list of all the latest and greatest toys that he saw on TV. If it had something to do with Star Wars, he wanted it. If it had something to do with Transformers, he wanted it. If it had something to do with any cartoon character at all, even from shows he had never seen, he wanted it.

He is just what you expect of a 5 year old child. Christmas is about glitz, glamour, and presents. It is a day where children believe they are entitled to get any and everything they ever wanted. They don’t really care about how many hours of overtime you worked to get them the toys they will only play with for one day. They aren’t concerned about the hours you stood in line in the freezing cold for a chance to get them the electronic item they really wanted.

As a parent we do some pretty amazing things just to give Santa the credit for bringing the gifts. I am tempted to break the truth to my son now but I don’t think it is fair to kill the magic. Believing in Santa was one of the most magical parts of my childhood. It wouldn’t be fair to steal it from him. Anyway…..

After my son was done naming all the toys and things he wanted for Chritmas my wife then asked him what toys did he want to give to someone less fortunate.

He drew a blank.

He couldn’t think of one thing to give away.

Not a thing.

I was taught as a child that it is better to give than to receive.  Christmas is more than just music, colorful lights, and gifts under the tree. It is a celebration of life. A gift that was given to the world.

I strongly believe if we learn as adults or better yet teach our children to put the same amount of effort in giving to others as we do planning for ourselves we can make Christmas what it is truly about.

I have had the talk with my son. Now it is time for me to talk to myself. How about you?

What do you have to GIVE?