What Does a Dream Cost?

by Jermaine

You know about Dr. King's Dream and his sacrifice... Now it's your turn!

I couldn’t let this week past without referencing the King of Dreaming and challenging our readers to “start dreaming BIG!”

In other post we’ve taken the time to express the necessity of having a dream as well as questioning the author of our dream. Now we are sincerely ready to begin “Dreaming.” I will advise you to make sure that you’re centered and focused at the conclusion of these first two steps. Remember, the first duty of dreaming is to listen. It may take upwards of two weeks of soul searching to come to definitive conclusions as to who your true self is and how to approach releasing that person from the bondage of your current daily grind.

There is Good News and Not-So-Good News

The Good News:
If everything is perfect you are getting ready to invest the time to move out of your comfort zone and take a risk that may change the rest of your life (as well as the lives of everyone around you). You’re mapping out your future. You are beginning a realignment of your day to day living that could propel you into a place that you’ve never imagined. How do I know it’s beyond your imagination, because we never know exactly what we will be until we become it?

The mental spark that has burst forth in your mind is a sign that the real you is still alive. You haven’t killed your essence (yet). Though potentially bound and possible weak, the true you has a pulse and wants to live. Not that impressed or committed yet? No worries. If any of this literature has touched you, moved you, or inspired you to think about “you” in a new and different way I’m glad (not satisfied, but glad). For no other reason than it proves you are still willing to question your current position. Some of us get so involved and so self-righteous until we forget there are other perspectives out there in the atmosphere that we can learn and grow from. Kudos to you!

So it doesn’t matter if you are sitting here on pins and needles waiting for the next installment of motivation or if you are casually reading to pass the time, I’m sure that this will eventual heighten your senses to the ultimate reality that underlines our world as we know it.

The Not-So Good News (the blunt truth):

I hope no one has already drifted off this newly paved path and started to think that “Dreaming” is a carefree exercise. Actually I’ve found the exact opposite is true. It takes more effort, dedication, ingenuity, and patience to pursue a dream in a mature fashion than it does to live a mundane cyclical existence (just ask M.L.K.). It is hard (not impossible) to change directions in life… especially if you’re used to the mundane and just now deciding “to be.”


Because you’ll be forced to critically review yourself and even change some of the things you’ve always done. We’ve all heard the overused simile, “it’s like swimming upstream.” Nearly everything within your life will try to convince you to keep doing what you’ve been doing and just get by. Or, keep chasing your society-created dream instead of inviting that inner voice to help you redefine your dream in hopes of greater final reward and peace of mind. What am I saying? You can’t do what you’ve always done and expect to get a different result. Yet, you’ll only get what you’ve always gotten.

To break your old habits and reverse your default programming (the teachings of society and parents) you’ll need a strong will and a lot of personal accountability. You’ll have to be responsible for your dream and how it affects you and those around it.

I’ll be honest; I can’t promise that this pursuit will be filled with glee. It may generate pain, frustration, sleepless nights and even new enemies. It is indeed a risk. So let us sit down and reason together. I present a promise of enriched life and meaning… a connection with a deeper truth and purer manner of life. A hope of TRUE satisfaction and intangible rewards, wholeness in which every area of your life is tended to, instead of just your wallet and public persona, a relief from distorted self-imaging. So ask yourself,

“What am I willing to risk, sacrifice, or forfeit to receive this?”

 To have tried to do something and failed is vastly better than to have tried to do nothing and succeeded. Thus, this choice is totally up to you. But I know for this to be effective it will cost you something. Count your cost, weigh your options and make a firm decision.

Finally, living a life that makes a mature pursuit of a dream does require patience. That’s why we use the word mature. You can’t walk into work today and quit your job because you’re “pursuing your dream” when you have bills piled up, old college loans waiting, and family that is dependent on your current income. You have to gradually transfer out of the life you’ve created by nurturing your dream until it is close enough to realization to depend on it to actualize.

Being a responsible dreamer is being a person who sets their sights on higher goals then takes the time to strategically work to attain them.