What Does Christmas Have to Do With Leadership?

by Jermaine

I started this week off by telling Frank I had nothing left in the tank in regards to Christmas. No, I wasn’t talking about my wallet, I was actually talking about writing topics for this week.

Yet, as the week began to play out and I began to watch, read, listen, and react to the holiday spirit that is flowing freely in these parts of Indiana something happened.

Radio Broadcast

It started unexpectedly. I jumped in the car, turned off the CD (that has been on repeat for the last month) and let the radio play. Immediately the announcer began to go on and on about the REAL meaning of Christmas. Didn’t mean much at the time so I kept driving, reached my destination and tuned back into “my life.”


Next I picked up a magazine. Flipping through the pretty pictures I stumbled into an articles about the holidays. This article broke down how a leader approaches gift giving at the holidays. It was whitty and insightful, yet, REAL enough to make one think a little  harder about leadership and a little harder about the holidays.

Everything else

By the time I finished reading the magazine article the wheels in my head were turning, processing, and connecting. I spent the rest of the week watching everything else in my life point to the same truths. Finally reading Frank’s post yesterday was my breaking point. I can’t take it any longer!!! What am I talking about?

I’ve spent the last 84+ hours revisiting the model for leadership.

Instead of dumping what could amount to the contents of a book onto a blog. Instead of trying to pour out my heart and crystalizing humanity’s purpose in a day. Instead of making you all wish I never write another post… I’ll leave you with one line:

Where you are now is no where near as important as where you are going next!

Sounds simple. Not really profound right. However, hold up this thought as you think about your life, your family, your co-workers, your place of worship, your spear of influence, your community, your leaders

The greatest leader that ever set foot on the earth was born in a barn to unwealthy parents, never became financially rich, and spent the last 3 1/2 years of his life building a network of prostitutes, thiefs, liars, cripples, and cursing alcoholics!

…But where were they going next?

Christmas has EVERYTHING to do with leadership because it totally redefines the thought process for finding great leaders! Not only that, the Jesus story is the first true example of reverse marketing. How many people do you know have performed great feets and then requested that the benefactor of those feet never share their experience?

This Christmas I dare you to pay a little closer attention to the Jesus story: one where a young women gives up her spotless reputation to become a mother…

…a young man believes so much in an angelic dream that he marries a pregnant girl (that he’s never slept with) and spends the rest of his life mentoring a child born king

…and, most importantly, God decides it is time to lead humanity out of sin and into salvation by (get this) becoming human. That just brings new meaning to the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”

I said all of that to say this, a true leader knows how to give NEEDED gifts. I am thankful for the gift of Jesus this Christmas. I am more thankful for His example of how a little love, a little thought, and a whole-lot-of challenge can turn the outcast, weak, and forgotten into leaders who can speak to thousands with confidence and conviction (see Peter in Acts 2:14).

Finally, this Christmas I hope you do like God and sacrifice a part of yourself in hopes of making the rest of the world better. Trust me, that is modeling leadership in a way that most people never experience (and a whole lot better than a fruitcake).