What doesn’t kill you….

by Frank

What doesn’t kill you…..makes you_______.

A bat swings with the velocity and desperation of a home-run attempt, by A-Rod in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and New York down by three with two outs. Instead of a ball being the target, you are.

The bat connects with the back of your head as you walk through an open tunnel on your way home from work. Falling to the ground your vision becomes blurry and the world starts to spin around you. Out of the shadows you see a total of three figures in the shape of people standing with something in their hands.

You are under attack. Everything within you wants to run for your life but your legs feel like putty. As you try to stand nausea, and dizziness make you feel like an alcoholic after a night of boozing. Now you know for sure you are surrounded. Just as you get on your feet the three attackers go into action.
Boxing Glove
Suddenly you feel arms grabbing you around the neck. As you are being held the other two attackers start to hit you with the objects they are holding in their hands. Each and every blow releases air, as you lose your breath, and blood as the pipe and bat scratch different areas of your skin during the assault.

Dropping you on the ground bloodied and bruised the attackers continue to kick you quickly and violently. Consciousness is slowly leaving you. There are a million thoughts going through your head, like “Why me, and what did I do to these guys to make them want to hurt me so badly?” When out of the corner of your eye you see one of the attackers pull out a knife.

You thought you were just a victim of an assault but you are about to be a murder victim.

As you walk alone down the roads of life it is important to understand everyone in the world does not have your best interest at heart. There are people and situations that are here to make you stumble, fall, discourage or even kill you. Many times the only way to survive the attacks is to do something that seems impossible.

I don’t know what obstacles you face in your life or what the three attackers represent to you. I can’t even tell you I have the answers to the questions you may have about your situation. All I know is you can’t see. You can’t breathe and you feel like there is someone trying to kill your hopes and dreams.

If this is you and you have been or are still being attacked, it is time to make a stand. Don’t die without trying to make a change. It is time to fight and not just any fight, a fight for your LIFE.

How this story ends depends on how much fight you have left in you.

Will you survive?