What is Your Brand?

by Frank

Brand Sign

Photo by Dimitri Castrique

What is your (Personal) Brand?


Major corporations spend a massive amount of money to create an identity for themselves. There is a team or group of teams, who thoughtfully examine each and every possible color, shape, font and size just to generate a corporate logo. The decision that the team finally goes with is so crucial because this logo will be how the company is recognized for years to come. Not only is the emphasis placed upon the logo but now the corporation needs a catch phrase, a slogan, or in some cases even a catchy tune.


This is so paramount and important to understand because not only are they trying to sell products but they are trying to connect with you on a deeper and personal level. So deep that when you think of your issue you immediately think of the product they make to solve it. There are so many companies, due to great marketing, that I know on this deep level.

As an example when I am cutting chicken on my kitchen counter I can vividly imagine the germs left behind and I know that Clorox has a spray that kills 99.9% of them. At least that is what they tell me. Now I can go on and on with examples like this but I think you get the point. The brand has become synonymous with cleaning.

What is your brand?

Pepsi is known for their drinks. Clorox is known for their cleaning products. Excedrin is known for their ability to remove tension headaches. What are you known for?

Do people know you because you always come back from break 5 minutes late? At social functions are you the one who is recognized and the loudest and most obnoxious? Does your reputation speak highly of you or do people groan when they hear your name being brought up in conversation?

Think about it. Really think about it. Please if you are comfortable, share your thoughts in the comment area.

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