What’s for Dinner?

by Frank

Just the other day the family and I were sitting down at the table preparing to eat dinner. My wife grabs the plates out of the kitchen and placed them in front of us. Immediately my son screams, “I don’t want this. I want something I like.” He had never had what we were eating before. It was new to him. The color combination was not like any other food he had ever consumed. The smell and texture was different. Instead of trying the new he would rather starve. Instead of embracing change he would rather get in trouble.

The debate continued for a full 7 minutes before he finally “decided” to take a bite. As soon as the food touched his tongue he smiled, started to dance and could not stop talking about how good it was. The boy ate all of the food off of his plate and tried to eat some of mine. Two weeks had passed and oh how soon we are to forget, the same meal was presented and we went through the exact same scenario all over again. “I want something I like.”

As a parent I became frustrated with his behavior until I compared it to my own. Ian didn’t want to try a new food. He was intimidated by change, felt safe in his comfort zone and was willing to fight to maintain the status quo. How dare I be angry at him for being just like his Dad. I have my routines, a list of things I will and will not do. I prefer to do something I like over something that will make me better. I even have the nerve to get angry when people ask me to do something I just don’t want to do, even when they are trying to help.

“I want,” to do “something I like.” Sound familiar? I don’t want to read books, knock on doors, take on additional projects at work, or give up my free time. Sadly these are the very things that are good for me and probably would make my life a lot more pleasurable. I guess I will never know unless I grab my fork and take a bite.

Try it you just might like it.

Are you hungry enough to try something new?