What’s Next

by Frank

Boy, there is nothing better than completing something you have put your mind to. It becomes even sweeter if it caused you some pain, made you lose sleep, or challenged you to do something you were terrified of. I love to silence naysayers. I enjoy watching myself mature and grow into someone I do not recognize.

For all of you basketball fans it is like hitting the buzzer beater. We win the game. The crowd is going wild. Everyone around you comes and celebrates your accomplishment. The feeling is indescribable and you are on top of the world.

Everywhere you go you are celebrated and given a special pat on the back. Everybody, at least for the evening, knows your name. What you have failed to remember is that, it was the first game of the season.

You still have 81 games left to play just to try to make the playoffs.

Each and every victory in our lives gives us an awesome opportunity to celebrate. I am a firm believer of doing it as big as possible. What we have to make sure of is that we don’t forget that the game we just completed may be over but we still have the rest of season to play.


Photo by Salvatore Vuono

Each and every goal that we surpass should just be a stepping stone for what is next in our life. If we win the first game, we still have a lot more games to win to be a champion.

So this goes out to each and every person who has done something great, something wonderful, something indescribable.

Is the stone you just stepped on even on the RIGHT staircase? If not, it is time to refocus.

What’s next for you?