When Can A Man Cry?

by Jermaine

mj pic with trophy

Overwhelmed with emotion.

It’s truly ok to cry… if you know when and you know why?

As a guy I’ve always thought of crying as an overrated function that my body had the ability to perform. To make matters worse, I live in a society where the acceptable reasons for tears streaming down a man’s face are really skewed.

Case and point: Michael Jordan sprawled out on the floor holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy in one arm and a basketball in the other. He’s totally drenched in champaign. You can’t see his face but you can see his back heaving up and down in a pattern that leads you to believe he’s crying a river.

This is part of the media footage that created the frenzy that is the NBA finals 2011. This is how the number 23 Bulls jersey became immortal. This is labeled as proof that M. J. wanted “it” more than anybody else during his era. This is a proud moment for all Chicago-land products and basketball purest alike. This is VICTORY!

But is this is? Is this the ONLY REASON to cry?

Is it ok for men to cry? Share your thoughts. I know we have enough honest men and women to set me straight. I’m dying to know what you think!

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