When Fear Turns Into Action (conclusion)

by Frank

I did it. I did something that I was completely terrified of. Let’s just end the story there on a high note. So how can you take that first step into making your fear unto action?

Here’s how.

1. Identify exactly what you are afraid of.
2. Realize that doing what you are scared of will take away your fears.
3. Visualize yourself doing what you fear successfully.
4. Be prepared for your preconceived obstacles. (Study)
5. Don’t generalize one failure as an ultimate failure. Keep moving forward.
6. Take your first step to eliminate your fears and keep walking until your fears disappear completely.
7. Walk with a purpose. It will help you to face your fears when times get tough.
8. Celebrate your accomplishments and get ready for your next battle.

I had the opportunity to stare into the face of something that intimidated me like the 6 foot kid in my third grade class. But after learning to not back down and face my fears head on I am now looking for my next challenge.

What fears have you conquered recently?