When Fear Turns Into Action

by Frank

Have you ever done something that scares the crap out of you? I am talking of something that is so intimidating that the thought of it alone makes your body tremble with fear. You know the thing that you avoid by making excuses about it every time it comes up. All of a sudden you become busy, sick, tired, and too preoccupied to make it happen. The fear makes you procrastinate.

Well recently I had the opportunity to face one of my fears head on.
It was an experience I will never forget.

First let me tell you that this will not be a story of a great victory. I did not run out with a smooth stone and a sling shot to face my giant. Instead I went out with a spork in a gun fight. All of the knives were in the dishwasher but a least I was in the battle. This is to tell you how to take the first step against your fears and watch how doing them robs it of its power over you.

Front Door

All I have to do is knock?


In the end of June our church will be having a tent revival and we plan on having a huge turnout of unbelievers from the surrounding community. Well the only way to get the people to come out is to invite them and not just hand them a flyer but a personal invitation. I thought how hard could that be.

All I have to do is go out and tell people about a service we will be having in the next few days. So I immediately thought who has their email addresses or better yet, are they on facebook. This is going to be easy.

“We are going door to door.” What is that?

I was comfortable using the internet but not so comfortable going from door to door. As a matter of fact it is something I have always been a terrified of. Where did this fear come from? Who knows but when it was time to make it happen I wanted to be somewhere else.


On an extremely hot Friday evening a group of members from our church headed out to the local community with the intention of inviting people to the upcoming services. We got in our cars and drove off to an apartment complex that was nearby to begin our work.

I was near the back of the group in my car and I drove the slowest making a quick trip a slow trip. When we finally arrived and were given our assignments I all of a sudden had a million and one questions to ask before I would go out.

Finally I had delayed as much as I could and it was time to go into action. When I stepped on the first stoop, to knock on my first door, my heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t hear anything else but thumping of my overworked heart trying to keep up with my frantic state.

I was so nervous that the flyers that I held in my hand were shaking and sweat completely covered my body. I don’t know if it was from the heat because it was hot or because of the nerves. Either way I was drenched.

I knock on the door with my sweaty, shaking hands and the door opens… (to be continued)