When I Grow Up!

by Jermaine

As a child I always wanted to be “important.” I wanted to make my parents proud by doing some great feat that the rest of the world would marvel at. I wanted to make myself rich beyond my wildest dreams. I wanted to be the center of attention. I wanted to stand out in a crowd. In short, I wanted to conquer the world!

Naturally, in response to these dreams, I spouted out all of the noble occupations I could fathom.

Firefighter… (give me a break, I was six.)

Ultimately, after a couple years of research, it was Engineer that stuck. I figured engineers were cool because some of them made cars.

Yes, you read correctly, by the time I was eight I had already mapped out my entire professional career. I spent the next ten years of my life trying to perfect my drawing skills through competitions and art classes. I enjoyed nearly every second of it. Yet, somewhere along the way my vision began to blur.

So much has changed.

I’ve learned that life is not merely about what I possess, it is much more about what possesses me. It’s about passion. It’s about what I view as important. It is about knowing my function.  I still want to make my parents proud but I’m much more concerned with the opinion of my daughter and my wife.

As an adult I am increasingly aware of all the things to be afraid of in life: car accidents, mortgages, daycare cost for two kids, speeding tickets, getting fired, poor health insurance, and the occasional ache or pain that doesn’t leave after a few days. I’ve become afraid of my own mortality and aware of my own limits.

In short, the facts of life can quickly teach the “dream” right out of a kid.

Anyone with sound reasoning skills soon begins to see the risk of seeking the “hard to reach” goal… you may not reach it.

It wasn’t until I was twenty-two that I began to get a glimpse of my true self. Someone somewhere told me about this thing called faith. Faith is all about understanding who you are and whose you are. Faith speaks to a relationship and a position that supersedes logic. If one wants to really simplify it, faith speaks to an understanding of one’s function.

Know who YOU are (and what you’re supposed to do)

Once you really know who you are and what you’re purposed to do then fear is rendered powerless. All the facts in the world cannot bend the will of a person who is convinced that they have a destiny to fulfill. This may not sound like much to the handful of adults who are reading this but try asking a six year old what they want to be when they grow up and see how confident of a response you’ll get.

Go back to the Beginning

As a grown man in my thirties, I jokingly tell my well-dressed, uber-confident nephew that I “want to be like you when I grow up!” Why? He’s convinced someday that he’ll be a firefighter! Even if he never becomes a firefighter he has the boldness to say it out loud to anyone who ask without any fear of falling short of his goal.

That’s why when I grow up I’ll have child-like faith.

What aspirations are you hiding because of fear?

Make today the day that you verbalize your dreams. Speak them right into reality. Say them out loud so the entire universe can hear them… so you can feel how good it sounds in your own ears.

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