When it’s over! When it’s done! When the Beat Cease to Play…

by Jermaine

Hard hat and glovesReading Frank’s inspiring post about Ian’s drum lesson got me all worked up. I have a habit of compartmentalizing segments of my life. This gives me access to tunnel focus. On the other hand, it occasionally causes me to overlook the little things. Much like Ian, I find areas that I’m passionate about and get addicted. By the time I come up for air hours, days, and even weeks have passed. I’m sure you’ve done the same. In light of this truth, have you ever asked yourself, “If today was my last day what would be the lasting impression of me?”

What words would your mom and dad say about this week?

Mom might say something like, “Haven’t heard from the child since Mother’s Day!”

And Dad would say to mom, “At least you heard from him. Father’s Day hasn’t come yet so I haven’t had a solid talk this year!”(Sad times.)

What about your spouse or significant other?

My wife: “This week I know he spent a lot of time at work, on the computer, doing homework and watching sports on television (NBA Playoffs). I didn’t watch with him since the Celtics already lost.”

How about your children?

My daughter might say, “This week he brushed my teeth a couple of times, told me to always listen to my mother,  gave me a few hugs, and prayed for me before I went to bed.”

Bottom-line: What’s REALLY Important

Notice I didn’t mention bosses, landlords, neighbors, new network contacts, or co-workers. Why? It is imperative to gauge our weeks by more than paid bills, appeased bosses, and satisfied hirelings.

What would the people you declare to love the most have to say about the way you spent the last seven days of your life? Take a moment and reflect on how you invested those 168 hours.

I know I must be getting a little older because I spend a lot more of my time pondering what I’m going to leave behind. How I’m going to make my mark. How I hope to simplify the path for the people I love the most.

Am I getting closer to this goal? Uh, yes.

Am I maximizing the time that I have? I can only hope so.

The key is -in my haste to conquer the world I must continue to remind myself that it can only be done in increments. Thus, my lofty social and business pursuits must constantly be juxtaposed beside the health of my familial relationships. I adjure you -Don’t let a week go by without investing in your family just as much, if not more, as you invest in your business, community, and yourself. Work while it is yet day, for a night comes when no man can work.

Work smart. Work hard. But make sure this work includes all the areas of your life, especially your family. The beat of life’s drum will not play forever. I hope to say that I played more than the snare when my drum solo is over.
Which phrase would you prefer to epitomize you?

“He loved me and he said it!”

“He loved me and he showed it… everyday!”