When The Smoke Clears

by Frank

Photo by Dan

A bomb has just exploded in your life.

You have lost your job. You have lost your home. You have lost a loved one. You just lost a friend.

Everything around you is destroyed. Every relationship you had is shattered to pieces like fragments of broken glass. The ground is covered with “remains” of your hopes and dreams.

Fire consumes the pillars that were once in your life, like religion, financial security, and your family. Ashes of joy fall from the sky, so thin that you can’t grasp them but they slip right through your fingers like water.

The sky is so dark that you can’t tell rather it is night or day. A cloud of black smoke is impairing your visibility to the point where you can’t recognize your surroundings.

As you try to regain conscientiousness you realize the sheer power of the explosion has blown you to a place you have never been before. This is uncharted territory. The magnitude of death and destruction that surrounds you is intimidating.

Everything on your body hurts including your brain as it struggles to process what just happened like a computer running to many programs at once. Not to mention, there is constant pressure in your ears because the sound of the explosion has made you nearly deaf.

You can’t hear your colleagues telling you to run, there is another bomb coming.

Barely, you make it to cover but you are wounded. Happy to be alive, you take a deep breath and start reloading your weapon. It is time to fight back.

Often during our darkest, deepest, most heart-wrenching moments, we forget that the sun is still there, it is just behind the smoke. Fires don’t burn forever. Destroyed buildings are rebuilt. Smoke rises in the atmosphere until it is no longer visible to the naked eye.

Your dreams, although, they may be scattered they can be regathered. Your wounds will heal and you will come out stronger and wiser than you were before.

So as you look around at the things that concern you today remember it will all look a whole lot better when the smoke clears.

I promise.

What battles have you won recently?
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