Where Did The Time Go?

by Frank


Photo by healingdream

I can remember running Longacre Street when I was younger doing stuff I had no business doing. There were trees that I fell out of. Garages I jumped off of. Fights I started for no reason and countless other childish activities that I miss dearly. Now, I am sitting here in my apartment wondering why my son acts the way he does. Where did the time go?

I can remember the day Ian was born, back when he couldn’t move without me carrying him, back when his meals consisted of mashed up vegetables and fruits, when his communication consisted of mumbles, screams, and crying. Now he runs, jumps, tackles, fights, and catches without any assistance. Instead of eating the meals provided now every time its time to eat he clearly states he wants McDonald’s. To top it all off he now, thanks to a close friend of ours, can read. Where did the time go?

Time is on CRACK! If I don’t start to take advantage of the time I have left I will fool around and miss my entire life. I will tell you this much, I am about to buy a new camera. 10 years will go by before I know it and I will again be asking myself the same question. Where did the time go?

The only point of the day time doesn’t move is when I’m at work. 🙁

Where did the time go?