Who Are You? Understanding Your Personality

by Frank

Each and every person that walks this earth is unique. We have characteristics, personalities and physical attributes that make us inherently different from someone else. There are several different systems of belief with religion. Our understanding and perception of music, art, and culture may vary from person to person. These different personal feelings and interactions say a lot about our moral character. With these very thoughts in mind the writers of A Spark Starts will be writing on the theme of; Understanding Your Personality. Who Are You?

There is an indescribable feeling of control when you have a great understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.

What are the strengths of your personality?
What are your weaknesses?
How do they affect you?

Here’s a story about my strength.


If you have ever had the obligation to meet me in person I would like to apologize and offer you some free counseling for your experience. It’s not that I am evil or have any intent of harm for you or your life but to quickly summarize me, I am a clown. I honestly think that I was put on this earth to make people smile. There is not a conversation that I have been apart of where it didn’t end with a punch line. I have a humorous and outgoing personality.


At my job we often discuss issues that many would consider heavy. I work in finances and the current effects of the economy are something that we face on a day to day basis. We have seen people literally go from having it all to nothing because of mismanaging or just market conditions. Along with all of the heavy conversations that we have we still have personal responsibilities that we need to fulfill. The situations we face on the job can be emotionally and physically draining. My personality type just doesn’t seem to fit the type of work that I do. Oddly, I excel in some areas.


I have a unique talent of bringing joy even to a dark situation. I think that was one of my motivations towards starting this site. What is funny is I never really understood the benefits of having this type of personality in a work environment until someone recently brought it to my attention. There was a new group of reps who just joined our team. With me being me, I welcomed them with open arms and immediately tried to talk them into giving me money and invited them to watch my kid for free.

It wasn’t until one of the new people told me that I made the job that we do more enjoyable; that I understood the benefits of this personality trait. My optimism and sense of humor, even in the midst of challenges, has allowed me to be a team and moral builder. People like being around me and I am grateful that I have been given a gift to draw people and make them feel comfortable.


Well now it is your turn. How much do you know about your own personality? What do you think are the benefits of your positive personality traits?