Why I’m Thankful.

by Jermaine

I vividly remember when I first heard that my wife was pregnant. I went into a mild state of shock.

Am I ready to be a father?”

Honestly my first few days were spent in a daze wondering what all I would have to give up to make “parenthood” work. At the time my wife was a full time student who worked part-time. I worked a fulltime job and had about a million hobbies. Even though things were not perfect I was not ready for drastic change. Yet, deep down I knew life was never gonna be the same.

Rachel and I sat down one day and talked about how long she would work and how long she would take a break. Why? We needed her income. When I say NEEDED I mean we had a mortage, student loans, credit cards, and two car payments all requiring our attention every month.


Months went by and I still had mixed emotions. Some days I felt extremely happy. Some days I felt extremely overwhelmed. Then one day my wife came back from the doctor’s office and told me she had some serious news. They thought our baby might have a high risk of down syndrome. My heart dropped into my stomach. I’m not a crier but this was one situation that merited tears. Our beautiful unborned baby now ran the risk of not being perfect. They told her about test they could run that would cost extra money. Without hesitation I said do whatever you need to do. I held it together in hopes of being strong for my wife. She was totally overwhelmed. It just was not what we envisioned.

The time it took between finding out this news and my wife’s next test seemed like an eternity. They did a 3D ultrasound. Her mom went. It was such late notice that I couldn’t even get off of work. I prayed and prayed. I didn’t know what else to do. I convinced myself that whatever happened I would love my daughter with all of my might, my strength, and my life-force. Finally the phone rang and it was my wife telling me that our daughter was gorgeous, alert, and 100% healthy! I nearly dropped the phone.

My daughter is now three. As I’m writing this article she has interupted me over a dozen times. She literally took the bag out of a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and ran upstairs to eat it in front of the television. When I came to take the bag back there was a trail of crumbs that ran through the kitchen, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. On a normal day I would have shared my dissapointment. Today, remembering how blessed we are, all I can do is laugh.

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful that I get to spend day after day after day with two of the most beautiful women that have ever graced the face of the earth. My daughter is not just another bill. She’s not the vessel that stole my free time. She’s the most precious surprise I’ve ever been given.  We’re healthy. We’re happy. Most importantly, we’re together… and that is something to be thankful for.