Why Serve?

by Frank

People holding hands

Photo by Flavio Takemoto


If I was to use the media to determine the moral character of the people on Earth I would sadly have to say that the world is an extremely selfish place. Constantly we are bombarded with stories of corruption, fraud, greed, and envy from the people who unfortunately also have the greatest influence. There are stories of millionaires stealing from the poor to amass more wealth for themselves. There are large charities that function to make the world better being run by crooks in Armani suits. There are even countries at war battling over land or natural resources all to claim power for themselves. It is all about them.

As much as I would like to change this my hands alone is not enough. I can only write so many letters, sign petitions, and complain to anyone who wants to hear but not much will change quickly. But let’s look at the things I can change. Let’s look at the community that I call myself a part of.


As I reflected I can honestly say that there was nothing that I have personally done to improve my community. I seem to only focus on stuff that affects me and the people I love. Who cares if my neighbor’s kid needs a positive male role model in their life? That has nothing to do with me. Who cares if our community is in desperate need of mentors and tutors? That is for someone else to do. Who cares if they need a presenter to give a free resume seminar? Someone else will do it.  It’s all about me.

In my eyes I am just as selfish as the greedy, immoral, and evil corporate executive.

With thinking like this it doesn’t surprise me that the world is perceived as selfish when I too am selfish. I haven’t even done anything to improve the life of the people who stay right next door to me.  All I have been focusing on is what will get me ahead. How am I supposed to make the world better like that?  What about you?

In order to serve you have to have an appropriate understanding of what it means to serve. My definition of serving does not relate to a form of slavery but instead a position of humility, sacrifice, and change. Serving is the act of positively changing the lives of the people you touch with purpose, love, and compassion.

This revelation alone was enough for me to take action but why should you serve your community? I am glad you asked.

Here are some great reasons for you to become a servant.

#1 You can change forever some one’s life.

Imagine a young man living in a home filled with domestic violence. His only influence is the negative one that is being portrayed before him.  Due to the circumstances he faces at home his grades have fallen and he is considering dropping out of school. He needs a quiet place to study. What do you think will happen if you help him? Now consider what might happen if you don’t?  

#2 You can change your life.

Serving has an amazing healing effect. Not only can it heal the hearts of those struggling with personal challenges but it will give you a great sense of pride and accomplishment to know that you made a difference in someone’s life.

#3 You will personally affect the community in which you live.

The atmosphere around you will change. My brother Ralph was a master at this. He has an outgoing personality and he helps and take care of the people who surround him. The man never meets a stranger. Wherever he goes people are drawn to him and are changed. They respect his opinion and ask him for advice. Have you ever lived in a neighborhood were everyone wanted to help each other?

#4 You can inspire others to serve.

That alone speaks for itself. If you have never seen the movie Pay it Forward I highly recommend it.

I am convinced that living a life of serving others can only make this planet that we are living on a much more friendlier and enjoyable place. The difficult question I really want you to consider is this.

Are you ready and willing to serve others? Don’t answer. Do it.

Make today the best day you have ever lived.