Will Your Star Burn Out?

by Jermaine

Don't let your Star burn out before your life is over, keep creating new goals.

I just read an article about the recently discovered star,  R136a1. It is seven times hotter than the sun and is hundreds of times heavier. I’m not a huge science buff and I don’t spend much time gazing into the moonlight but I did find a few of the facts surround this star strikingly interesting. For example:

  • The bigger a star is the faster it burns out.
  • Stars are the exact opposite of most living organisms: They start big and shrinks as they burns.
  • There are stars that are several million times brighter than our sun but many are not expected to last as long as our sun.

Isn’t it funny how much this description matches the careers of some of society’s favorite celebs. Without saying ANY NAMES  try to describe the career of one of our current “stars” that seems to be shrinking by the day. Is their fame as BRIGHT as it was when they first came onto the public scene?

Why is it that people with great talent to play a sport or act or sing can become household names while the average American does not know leading scholars (of any subject), doctors, judges, or law makers?

As I think about my life, my purpose, and my goals I tend to wonder sometimes, WHAT WILL BE MY LEGACY?

Will it be a hit song, a great novel, or a mentally stimulating blog entry? Maybe even something more abstract like a genius child, a happy wife, or an effective youth ministry. I don’t know. All I know is I don’t want my legacy to be etched before my gravestone is… so I have to view every day and every obstacle as an opportunity to grow.

There is a balance between the effort we invest and the success we attain that usually dictates the length of our success when we our operating out of our own strength. The only thing that will allow a star to burn beyond the constraints of its own resources (gas, location, etc.) is a scientific miracle.

The same is true with us. Left to our own devices we will eventually grow weary in well-doing. “Life” will beat us down and put our fire (passion) out.

There is one exception

If we switch to another source (a  higher power) then we have the opportunity to leave a legacy that never burns out. So I ask, “What’s fueling your fire?”